Experience and Capabilities


Industrial Ferguson Foundry Corp. are specialists in non-ferrous sand castings of pure copper, bronze, other copper based alloys, aluminum and zinc alloys.

For over 50 years, Industrial Ferguson Foundry has specialized in metal parts of pure electrolytic copper, aluminum and alloys such as bronze, brass and aluminum alloys. Typical products cast include a wide variety of copper electrical connectors and transformer mounts for the power industry; copper stud connectors and motor terminal lugs; plumbing and hardware fixtures, gears, valve parts, housings, cams, pressure vessels and many other items for general industry.

We also have a more general jobbing foundry capability of decorative castings in bronze such as grave markers and other products. We currently serve a broad customer base throughout the United States and Canada.


Loose or mounted patterns
2 Rotolift lines Greensand and No Bake
2 Squeezer LInes Greensand and No Bake
Cope & Drag Lines Greensand and No Bake
Large Floor molding Line
Alpha Set No Bake Cores
Sodium Silicate Cores
Shell Cores
Oil Cores