Industrial Ferguson Foundry Corp.

Industrial Ferguson Foundry Corp. has been supplying quality non-ferrous sand castings to America's industries for over 50 years. Now in our third generation, we offer the ability to cast over 25 different metals ranging from electrolytic copper and aluminum to alloys covering nearly all requirements that our customers could need. We have the capabilities to produce castings in quantities ranging from one piece to thousands and in sizes from ounces to 250 lbs. in aluminum based metals and from ounces to 400 lbs in copper based metals. We are both a high quality job shop capable of production pattern and tooling quality castings from loose patterns and a full service light production facility capable of delivering our customers "just-in-time" and continuous orders. We offer the customer service from blueprint to final casting including machined castings.

In 2003, Industrial Ferguson Foundry merged with Aluminum Matchplate Co., This combination brought the talent and expertise for the combined company to produce castings of high surface finish quality, cast with some of the finest sands available. Current customers that take advantage of this service include the plastic thermoform packaging industry, pattern shops for foundry tooling, and the plastic injection molding industry as well as architectural restoration, memorial plaque, ornamental and lighting restoration industries. In addition, this merger brought the capability to produce highly complex castings with complicated core sets requiring the utmost internal integrity for the most critical industrial application. Examples include pump and valve castings, impellers, OEM machine parts, replacement parts, prototypes, marine castings, lighting castings, electrical components including connectors and hardware for the power transmission industry, gears, transmission housings and many others, all produced with high attention to surface, dimensional and internal quality.

The capability and quality that Industrial-Ferguson Foundry has come to maintain has been realized by controlling the size of our operation and by carefully choosing our process to optimize control over the production process. We are large enough to produce a customer's large requirements in a '"just in time" manner, yet small enough for owners to have "hands on" control of the process. In addition, selected automation has been installed in non-critical process to insure our competitive edge without compromising our flexibility or diverse capabilities. The result is that the customer realizes the quality, service and competitive pricing that they require in the ever changing competitive industrial environment of today.

At Industrial Ferguson Foundry Corp., the science and technology of today complement the foundry art of yesterday to offer the casting buyer all the benefits needed to be competitive now and in the future.